I’m not sure how I feel about these shoes, but they are good for kicking around if nothing else. I think they’re stale for Yohji Yamamoto, especially with the colorway and upper style of this sort. There’s an unfinished seam along the tongue of the shoe that leaves it looking unfinished or rough somehow, and that’s yet another detail that probably could have and should have been refined in the design process. Nothing says “cheap” like a serged-seam something posing as finished.

That said, I can imagine getting these shoes and dragging them through the mud, really wearing them out. If the serged-tongue detail is curling and frayed, and the outer eyelet panel looks less stiff, I would like these more. These are shoes that you are welcome to destroy, because they’ll get better with age. These Yohji shoes are kept secure on the feet with a hidden elastic strap. [via hypebeast]


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