Navajo Lace-Ups at Oki-Ni are a good way to get your kicks (literally?) without planning and executing a complex color scheme with the entirety of your closet. I found them during my weekly online shopping excursion, and I got really into them… but I also have a thing for Native blankets and those super-cool Southwestern jackets. If you get trapped outside on a group camping excursion (or if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere), it would be great to have a pair of these Navajo lace-ups on hand… so you can justify the buy by saying that these shoes are “for emergencies.” They look practical and are inspired by 1970s footwear, and they have gum soles.

But would you wear them? I think they’d be exceptional come fall, with trim black jeans, something worn out and kinda grubby, or a ’70s-style cardigan sweater. Vibrant and boldly patterned, these shoes can carry an outfit, and they aren’t too expensive, either. They are a restock item at Oki-Ni, which means that you have your pick of some new sizes. Right now, the YMZ men’s Navajo Lace-Ups are available in UK 6, 7, and 9. Fairly low-priced for Oki-Ni, and available now. [$123.56 at oki-ni]

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