Summer tweed? Don’t mind if we do. While summer’s a delight (especially when you’re bogged down all winter in white stuff), some of us find it hard to look sophisticated when there are few elements in play. Gone are the interest-grabbing layers, the attention-getting coats, the sweaters, and the heavy leather shoes. Things are lighter, and everything counts for much more, style-wise. That’s where this Ts(s) summerweight tweed jacket comes in, to save the day for those of us who want a break from maddeningly-wrinkled linen.

There’s a caveat, however: this stuff is expensive. The Italian Cotton Summer Tweed Two-Button Jacket will run you $792–it’s made in Japan–but perhaps you love it so much that it’ll be one of a few pieces you’ll actually buy this season. The jacket has peaked lapels and a 100% cupra lining, and it looks darn good in all its black-and-white-and-grey-all-over glory. That said, I’m not 100% sold on the content, which is 80% cotton (good), 16% acrylic (what?), and 4% nylon (eh). For nearly $800, original price, I don’t want acrylic in my stuff. Give me silk, give me cotton, but keep the acrylic far away from me. Do you find the acrylic addition off-putting as well? [via selectism]

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