Whether you’re traveling somewhere close to home or to a far-flung corner of the planet, an adventurous trip is one of the best ways for couples to have great fun and strengthen their relationship at the same time.  

For a getaway filled with thrills, explore some of the following options and get ready to fulfill some of your bucket list dreams together.  

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro  

Climbing to the snow-capped peak of Africa’s highest mountain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Feel as though you’re standing on the roof of Africa as you summit one of the largest free-standing mountains in the world.  

Climbing the mountain as a challenging and demanding feat and this is why you will need to be guided by an experienced outfitter. Proven competence and reliability will help to ensure your safety. You will be given all the information you need about what to pack, what you will eat, every condition of the climb and what to expect.  

Visit Galápagos

The season from December to June is the best time to visit Galápagos for warmer, calmer seas. Experiencing where Darwin made his discoveries is an amazing adventure for any couple. You will see species unique to the islands and encounter sea-lions, marine iguanas, massive tortoises and more.  

Hikers shouldn’t miss exploring Sierra Negra, an active volcano in Isabella Island. If you enjoy aquatic adventures, you can snorkel and dive, kayak with sea lions and much more. There are several trails where you can bike while you enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Galápagos has to offer and the islands have rental bike shops. 

Experience Iceland   

The whole nation of Iceland is full of adventurous experiences. With its volcanoes, glaciers and the famous Northern Lights, it provides you with experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.  

There are a number of luxury hotels in Iceland where you can relax after a day filled with adventure. The Ion Hotel in Iceland is an eco-friendly hotel with an otherworldly beauty that’s known for its views of the Northern Lights. Base yourself there and enjoy adventures such as hiking through glaciers and scuba diving in the fault line between tectonic plates.     

Go to Belize  

Belize offers many adventurous activities to do with a partner, such as exploring Mayan temples, hiking through the jungle preserves and gliding down a river through an underground labyrinth of caves. One of the attractions of going to Belize is the great year-round weather. 

Visit Paracas in Peru

In Paracas, you will have many opportunities for adventure. You can sandboard or drive through the huge sand dunes or take a boat excursion around the Ballestas Islands and see plenty of marine life. 

Go on a flight over a mysterious desert where giant figures of humans and animals were etched thousands of years ago. Called the Nazca Lines, these geoglyphs are one of the most important archeological heritage sites in the world.  

Get an adrenaline rush in New Zealand

Dive with sharks at Osprey Reef, jump off a bridge on a BMX bike, skydive or tackle the rapids at Tully River. With so many adventures, it’s no problem to get your heart racing. Queenstown is rightfully dubbed “The Adventure Capital of the World.” 

Ride in a hot air balloon

A great adventure for a couple is to take a ride in a hot air balloon. A hot air balloon safari in Kenya or Namibia will be an experience you’ll never forget. The famous Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is home to scores of wildlife, including elephants, cheetahs, lions, rhinos, crocodiles and hippos.   

What are you waiting for? Book that adventure you’ve been dreaming about and make some unforgettable memories.