These all-around terrific deadstock belts, long ago standard issue for soldiers in the Swedish army, are not easy to find. But lucky for us the team at Inventory searched high and low and ultimately secured a small collection of the vintage – real vintage! – Swedish Army belts.

The first round of belts sold out pretty damn fast, which you might have assumed, but somehow Inventory’s number one source for belts (apparently) had a couple more stored away in the basement. So lucky for us they are back: the sturdy natural tan leather is the perfect size, combined with simple details, nice hardware and a solid build.

I will gladly pay $75 for my own military-style belt. I’d pay even more this vintage belt. Made with that awesome, natural tan leather with reinforced clasps, the belts scream rugged and hard to destroy, which is what you want in a belt. Sure, it’s great for military battle, but hey, also looks great with your favorote pair of jeans!

These battle-tested Swedish Army Belts can take a licking and keep on looking good and doing their belt thing year after year. And hey, it’s going to work with just about every outfit I can put together. And if you had no clue Sweden even had an army, well they do – and they wear kick-ass belts! [via uncrate & inventorymagazine]

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