“Put on your sailin shoes,” as the band Little Feat instructed us to do in their classic tune from ’72. The nautical theme goes nicely with the new Harbormaster Spinnaker, which speaks to the (stylish) sailor in all of us. Part of the Stolas Harbormaster collection, the Spinnaker features a carbon fiber dial, teal blue colors on the bezel, numbers and orange lightning bolt second hand.

The combo of the two contrasting colors paired with the carbon fiber demands everyone realize how much you love the ocean. Housing a SMC motor, designed for both ruggedness and precision time keeping, the brass movement excels as a workhorse and is perfect for those who are serious adventurists. And there’s more: when the sun sets, the Spinnaker’s photo-luminescence properties are just getting warmed up.

Named for a special type of sail that is designed for a specific type of sailing, the nice-looking Stolas Harbormaster Spinnaker features four different luminescence paints, each contributing to a timepiece ideal for adventure on the high seas. It definitely looks like the watch can work just fine out on the ocean, or back on dry land, preferably in the lounge enjoying a cocktail and steak. [via gearculture]

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