At first glance I was not loving the Pineapple Pants from Orvis. I’ve dabbled with sharks and lobsters on my pants, but no fruit to this point.

But it wasn’t long before I was envisioning myself in the pants, accompanied by a crisp, white t-shirt and flip-flops. At a beach bar somewhere, of course. Sure, you have an easy conversion starter with the pineapple-and-leaves print covering your lower half, but these pants are also built for maximum comfort.

The pure cotton-twill pants are designed for long wear and lightweight comfort, notes Orvis. The pineapple pants feature a double-needle side-seam stitching and un-constructed waistband.

The party pants, as they are referred to by Orvis, can be enjoyed in red and navy.

“You’ll be the life of the party in our men’s lively cotton twill pants,” say the team at Ovis. I’m finding it hard to disagree and might have to take them up on their statement soon.

Besides the pineapple pants spotlighted here, Orvis is showing all sorts of nice apparel and accessories for the season, including, shorts, shirts and, yes, comfortable pants. Their Signature Polo caught my eye, a pure cotton, very good-looking shirt that is available in 15 colors. The Straw Fedora also stands out; it just says ‘summertime’ to me. [via selectism]

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