Made with the finest leather from Horween Tanner in Chicago, Il, and handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee, this superb Emil Erwin Messenger Bag is designed to last forever. Stitched with mil-spec nylon thread, the bag ($1,100) features stainless steel buckles and rings and copper hardware.

The entire Emil Erwin collection is great, featuring an assortment of fine totes, satchels and briefcases, but the Erwin Messenger I really sparked to. It looks stylish and it says, ‘I mean business’ all at once.

Everything at Emil Erwin is designed and crafted by Emil Congdon in the shop behind his house. His company deals mostly with making items to order, but they do it right, firmly believing in ‘quality without compromise.’

“We won’t cut corners to make a buck,” writes Congdon.

“If we can’t do it right, we won’t do it. Our goal is to create quality products that evoke the same feelings I had as a kid in my Grandpa’s shop; products made by someone who takes great pride in their work; something that your grandchildren will find broken-in for another generation of use.”

Available in brown or black, the Emil Erwin Messenger Bag represents true craftsmanship, high quality design and production top to bottom. [via acquire]

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