If I ever decide to head back to campus to work on that masters degree in economics I’ve always dreamed about, I’m absolutely taking the Ally Capellino Satchel with me. I might not succeed back in academia, but I’ll go fall carrying a very sporty satchel! From London-based designer Ally Capellino, this cool, $215 bag is spacious and produced with durable cotton canvas leather and metal hardware. The canvas satchel is ideal for a 13” MacBook – just so you know.

Available in charcoal and khaki, the casual cotton canvas satchel features adjustable shoulder strap, two front zip pockets, inside phone pocket and padded laptop protection. So it’s protective and functional without losing any style points. So really, just throw whatever you have in there. There’s room! The bags have a military vibe thrown into the design, which I’m also digging. Plus, the darker, earthier tones are key.

There’s also a unisex satchel designed especially for the iPad we’ve seen floating around, designed as part of a unique collaboration between Apple and Capellino. So I might need that as well for my strolls around campus. But if you see me relaxing at the coffee shop on campus, studying/downloading music, I will have this bag with me. Actually, even if I don’t head back to school. [via gearculture]

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