Are you feeling the heat yet? Miami is in the mid-80s already, and I’m scooping up advice on dressing for hot weather wherever and whenever I can get it. This Seven Homme spread with model Stas Svetlichnyy, styled by Oka-Z, provides enough inspiration to keep you dipping back into your closet for new combinations, even if you’re not blessed with a walk-in that features Comme des Garçons and a lot of Barneys select pieces: lightweight jackets, cardigans, and double-breasted silhouettes. We can’t forget the cropped stuff and shorts, either, plus nautically-flavored shoes.

We could easily come up with a few looks of our own, which is a testament to Oka-Z’s good selections. His relaxed looks included roomy pieces and lots of layers, so there are plenty of techniques and color additions that could be used to your advantage. An example of the transitional creative journey: jeans with two cardigans for cool beach nights, cloaks and cape with shorts, colorblocked outfits, liberty prints with utility jackets, collegiate styles in summer weights, plaid with pastels, scarves, ties and casual coats, and contrasting white buttons on outer layers. I wouldn’t mind the odd canvas bag for additional gear and a pair of shoes with white rubber outsoles. [via modeman]

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