Oak’s restocking! If you were looking for something on Oak and it wasn’t available, this could be your chance. Unfortunately, stores of some of their newly-stocked pieces have already been exhausted. Silent by Damir Doma was brought back to the accessories section on the site. If you’re not opposed to leather, then stick to it for traveling—it doesn’t wear out like canvas will.

I’ve had a bag like this for about twenty years, and it wears well and looks good. Giving it a good professional clean once a year will not only kill the germs living on it from resting it on the ground and on chairs, but will leave its texture even. The Silent by Damir Doma bag has a heavy metal zipper, left exposed at the upper flap and flipped over and secured with a leather strap. This bag can also be used as a tall sailor’s bag, or flipped over, as pictured below, for compact carrying. Metallic studs will close the bag, which measures W19” x H35” x D18”. There are large main compartments for some organization, so you can keep your possessions in order when you’re on the move. [out of stock AGAIN at oak; watch this piece!]

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