People are already shopping for the holidays — are you? This time, we’re looking at opportunities to save ourselves some money so we can actually buy people gifts this time around (insert requisite economy-related grumbling here). Instead of tossing bags that look worse-for-wear, we should be making an effort to keep them somewhat fresh and usable. After all, it’s fall, and after this? Brace yourselves; we’re looking at nothing but cold weather and snow up ahead, and purses must be in tip-top shape to last the season. Indispensables follow!

Tintamar Bag Liners, $40: Tintamar has an extremely costly shipping plan to “Zone 7″ (U.S.A.), but it is worth it. Their bag liners are exceptionally attractive, and I haven’t seen one here that rivals their offerings. There’s hot pink, shown, all the way to black, and there are ones for traveling, for mini-purses, for men’s bags… it’s thrilling, if you are obsessed with organization. You can protect the inside of your purse and swap bags in a cinch. I like it!

Kate Spade Leather Cleaner, $10: Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the proper leather cleaner with you right now. I know few who have it ready, but it’ll save you a lot when it comes to leather cleaning bills, one of the more expensive professional cleanings from your local cobbler/dry cleaner. Why Kate Spade? The price is right, the product is good, and there’s a lot more to look at on the site than just some silly cleaning supplies. Have a browse and you’ll fill up your cart with more than leather goo.

Purse Hangers, $14.99: Don’t set your bag on the floor, on your lap, or on the chair next to you. These little hangers keep your bag safe and suspended, and you won’t be disappointed with the options. Plus, two words — On. Sale.

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