Give me chukkas, year-round. For all the pseudo “outdoorsy” pieces I see on the websites I visit, there are some items that I can imagine actually wearing to do stuff. I have a hunting-trapping-fishing side of the family that rarely puts their seal of approval on things, but I know that they’d like the clean lines of these Red Wing chukkas in warm leather and leather laces. In fact, these could make a good gift for said family members.

You may have noticed the toe on these chukkas–it’s different. They have a great toe shape with strong stitching, plus a white outsole to break up all that rich brown. Red Wing shoes, being as big as they are, has a huge amount of work-appropriate shoes that include various chukka designs, but the fresh boat shoe soles are big for summer. Red Wing Heritage is the place you want to go to stock up on triple-stitched boots (old-fashioned, of course), glossy brown leather work boots, and chukkas galore. Wear simple work pants and a worn t-shirt when you’re actually doing stuff. Looking good might not be your prerogative when you’re working outdoors, but you might as well get a pair of shoes that look good. [shoes via denim geek]

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