Scarves! We all need ‘em, and this White Riot Gang editorial in GQ Style Italia has enough panache to leave us wanting a few more for flourishing purposes. Of course, the sense of movement in the spread, shot by Kai Z.Feng, is helped along by jumping, plus wind machines lifting light scarves for extra movement. As for the actual labels in the spread? We have Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci making an appearance in GQ Style, looking perfectly good with blazers, jeans, and coats (double-breasted welcome).

After I got over the scarves, I had another look back through the GQ spread for the good finds mixed in with the accessories. One of my favorite combinations is the orange-printed, lightweight silk scarf with a denim shirt underneath, plus a jacket up top. It’s easy to replicate via color and fabric matching, as are the white shirts and a rolled foulard, braided belts and denim, and contrasting silk prints between shirts and scarves. The prints are getting the denim out of the stuffy cooler seasons, the scarves are adding some movement and interest, and the jackets are lending finish to the look. Will it be slicked-back hair for you this time? [via modeman]

Are these worthy of your wardrobe? I’m impressed. Ransom by Adidas Originals got together with Stussy to make the Plain CS Stussy shoes in royal blue, black, and tan. They don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but that’s all right by me after seeing those odd backwards flipped-around shoes from Kazuki Kuraishi. These are much more pleasing to the eye, aren’t they?

Stussy and Ransom by Adidas Originals impress with clean design and some small points of interest along the sole, insole, outsole, and upper. Let’s take a tour: first off, the three suede uppers have a heavily perforated effect for both aesthetics and function. If you suffer from overwarm feet, perhaps these could be a practical buy for you (as opposed to an impulsive buy based purely on good looks!). The next feature of note is a crepe outsole, which looks amazing next to the richly-colored suede. There’s something about the suede contrast and textured crepe that piques my interest… and it seems to have grabbed Adidas Originals’ fans attention as well. Hypebeast has the release date marked as March 26th at Adidas Originals Japan stores, Stussy stores, and No6/No74 shops. You buying? [via hypebeast]

Oak NYC regularly stocks interesting men’s jewelry and accessories, and I make it a point to explore their recent additions to the site each week. Their animal-inspired items are intriguing and have been on my radar since they first added unusual men’s pieces from LAS. The Hare and Wolf Rings at Oak (wolf shown after the jump!) have a distinctive design aesthetic that puts them in the same category without making them look too similar (and therefore snore-y). The Hare ring, shown above, is cast from a hand-carved wax mold in recycled bronze. Bronze is an unsung hero when it comes to affordable men’s jewelry, and the hare has some gold undertones that are expected of white bronze pieces.

Meanwhile, the wolf’s a bit stormier-looking. Still cast from recycled bronze, but with a decidedly darker look to it, the cheaper of the two rings won’t leave you guessing what color it’ll turn when or if it changes over time (not exactly my favorite game!). Also of interest is a primitive-looking fish ring by LAS and a tough sabretooth ring in the same bronze. Bright, and yet not so precious that you can’t wear them when you want. [$156 at oak (hare ring); $98 at oak (wolf ring)]

Oak’s restocking! If you were looking for something on Oak and it wasn’t available, this could be your chance. Unfortunately, stores of some of their newly-stocked pieces have already been exhausted. Silent by Damir Doma was brought back to the accessories section on the site. If you’re not opposed to leather, then stick to it for traveling—it doesn’t wear out like canvas will.

I’ve had a bag like this for about twenty years, and it wears well and looks good. Giving it a good professional clean once a year will not only kill the germs living on it from resting it on the ground and on chairs, but will leave its texture even. The Silent by Damir Doma bag has a heavy metal zipper, left exposed at the upper flap and flipped over and secured with a leather strap. This bag can also be used as a tall sailor’s bag, or flipped over, as pictured below, for compact carrying. Metallic studs will close the bag, which measures W19” x H35” x D18”. There are large main compartments for some organization, so you can keep your possessions in order when you’re on the move. [out of stock AGAIN at oak; watch this piece!]

One look at the TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph and it’s easy to tell this watch is going to be pricey. TAG Heuer has introduced the first ever column wheel integrated mechanical chronograph displaying the 1/100th of a second with a striking central hand allowing for easy reading. To me that just sounds expensive.

Entirely designed, patented, developed and manufactured in La Chaux-De-Fonds in Switzerland, the luxury watch features two assortments, 62 jewels and 396 components; the case of TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph is 43mm diameter; both crystals are sapphire and covered with safe anti-reflective coating. As to water resistance – it’s 100 meters. Inside the watch you’ll find the Calibre 360 movement, which moves at a robust 360,000 beats per hour.  The movement also features oscillating weights that can be personalized.

The original Mikrographs was originally released in 1916, and the Carrera Mikrograph is the latest iteration of the famous technology. This Mikrograph is part of the latest additions to the Carrera line, and was recently debuted at the Basel Fair in Switzerland. The 1916 TAG Heuer Mikrograph was the first sports stopwatch accurate to 1/50th and 1/100th of a second when other timing instruments could only measure to the nearest 1/5th of a second.

Available in a rose gold limited edition of 150 timepieces only, with matching brown reptile strap. The one word review: impressive. [via pursuitist]

I was more excited about Leica and uniform experiment’s collaboration because of the great brown leather pouch than I was about the camera, but that’s just me. The whole package is exciting, scheduled for release on May 11th, and looks great. That grained leather pouch has a traditional Leica logo scrawled across the front. Clipped on either side of the small, oblong bag, the Leica camera pouch has a long strap with self stitching and silver findings. Clip it on and go… although I recommend not wearing it by itself if you are have a touristing moment somewhere rougher than your average neighborhood (personal experience!). A little camera bag can be spotted a mile away.

I’ve included additional Leica camera shots in the gallery for your browsing pleasure. Uniform experiment’s Hiroshi Fujiwara loves Leica, and it’s said that this collaboration was a long time coming. I’m pleased with the quality case and the hot camera. There are logos positioned on the upper bit of the camera, and the release is limited to 200… in Japan. Do you like the case as much as I do, or is it not to your liking? I’m actually in the market for a new camera and could use a suggestion or two… I already have a Leica and a vintage Kodak and am looking to branch out. [via high snobiety]

Navajo Lace-Ups at Oki-Ni are a good way to get your kicks (literally?) without planning and executing a complex color scheme with the entirety of your closet. I found them during my weekly online shopping excursion, and I got really into them… but I also have a thing for Native blankets and those super-cool Southwestern jackets. If you get trapped outside on a group camping excursion (or if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere), it would be great to have a pair of these Navajo lace-ups on hand… so you can justify the buy by saying that these shoes are “for emergencies.” They look practical and are inspired by 1970s footwear, and they have gum soles.

But would you wear them? I think they’d be exceptional come fall, with trim black jeans, something worn out and kinda grubby, or a ’70s-style cardigan sweater. Vibrant and boldly patterned, these shoes can carry an outfit, and they aren’t too expensive, either. They are a restock item at Oki-Ni, which means that you have your pick of some new sizes. Right now, the YMZ men’s Navajo Lace-Ups are available in UK 6, 7, and 9. Fairly low-priced for Oki-Ni, and available now. [$123.56 at oki-ni]


People are already shopping for the holidays — are you? This time, we’re looking at opportunities to save ourselves some money so we can actually buy people gifts this time around (insert requisite economy-related grumbling here). Instead of tossing bags that look worse-for-wear, we should be making an effort to keep them somewhat fresh and usable. After all, it’s fall, and after this? Brace yourselves; we’re looking at nothing but cold weather and snow up ahead, and purses must be in tip-top shape to last the season. Indispensables follow!

Tintamar Bag Liners, $40: Tintamar has an extremely costly shipping plan to “Zone 7″ (U.S.A.), but it is worth it. Their bag liners are exceptionally attractive, and I haven’t seen one here that rivals their offerings. There’s hot pink, shown, all the way to black, and there are ones for traveling, for mini-purses, for men’s bags… it’s thrilling, if you are obsessed with organization. You can protect the inside of your purse and swap bags in a cinch. I like it!

Kate Spade Leather Cleaner, $10: Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the proper leather cleaner with you right now. I know few who have it ready, but it’ll save you a lot when it comes to leather cleaning bills, one of the more expensive professional cleanings from your local cobbler/dry cleaner. Why Kate Spade? The price is right, the product is good, and there’s a lot more to look at on the site than just some silly cleaning supplies. Have a browse and you’ll fill up your cart with more than leather goo.

Purse Hangers, $14.99: Don’t set your bag on the floor, on your lap, or on the chair next to you. These little hangers keep your bag safe and suspended, and you won’t be disappointed with the options. Plus, two words — On. Sale.

Anything that needs to be achieved calls for straightforwardness and determination to reach that goal. Some projects start out well and with speed, but end mid-way or just before reaching the goal. Many factors get in the way when achieving a goal, and to overcome them, your motivation has to be stronger than the objective circumstances or setbacks. One who is motivated does not stop when setbacks occur, because they know what they want and always keep the goal in sight.

Whether it is finishing the cleaning at home or achieving an educational degree, there are ways to stay motivated and reach your goal instead of dragging on and eventually quitting. Continue Reading

Columbiaknit’s been producing their knits since the 1920s, which means they have quality and consumer trust down pat. As someone who’ll scream if she sees another “luxury yet made in China” accessory, I’m enjoying the change of pace. This time, Columbiaknit joined forces with Jordan Saylor of Winn Perry in Portland. Slinging this around your neck, even in summer, will work—although you might want to wait until after dusk to really do it justice.

This simple scarf has the right construction to make it last, although it isn’t fussy. The seams are turned down and finished; the edges are tacked to prevent any unsightly folding or unraveling. I’m a sucker for tags, so I really enjoy that Columbiaknit fabric one that’s sitting on the scarf’s end. Originally sold in two colorways, this scarf is currently available in black and grey. Naturally, we all want the blue-and-white scarf, which should be restocked at Archival soon. I have a knack for liking the pieces that sell out first, but I’ll let you know when it’s back and ready to grab. 8 oz. cotton jersey is delicious, and this scarf is a natural pairing with t-shirts in soft knits. [via acquire]