Sleep apnea is a condition that can cause you to stop breathing for a short period while you’re sleeping. If you have sleep apnea, you don’t take in enough oxygen and this can cause you to wake up gasping. 

You may not even be aware that you suffer from sleep apnea if your breath stoppages don’t cause you to fully wake up. There are three types of sleep apnea with different root causes, but all three types cause people to stop breathing repeatedly while sleeping, sometimes hundreds of times a night. 

Find out what type of sleep apnea you have

The three different types of sleep apnea are obstructive, central and mixed sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is most common and happens when your throat muscles relax and block your airway. Some essential oils for sleep can be used to treat obstructive sleep apnea. 

Central sleep apnea is a result of your brain not sending the right signals to muscles that control your breathing. If sleep apnea is left untreated, it can have serious health consequences, such as poor immune function, increased risk of heart failure, memory problems and more. Only a sleep study can show that it is present and how severe it is. 

If you are diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea, you may need to take medication, wear a CPAP device or have surgery. However, some lifestyle changes may reduce episodes of mild sleep apnea and improve your sleep quality. 

Maintain a healthy weight

Doctors usually recommend that people with sleep apnea reduce their weight. Obesity can narrow nasal passages and increase the risk of restricted airways. 

Even modestly reducing your weight can eliminate the need for upper airway surgery or long-term use of a breathing device. In some cases, losing weight can eliminate sleep apnea. However, if you gain back the weight, it can return. 

Avoid alcohol and smoking

You can reduce some of the complications of sleep apnea if you stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles and can lead to snoring and an interrupted sleep cycle. 

It can also lead to inflammation in the airways which can block airflow. Tobacco use also contributes to swelling and inflammation of airways. This worsens snoring and contributes to sleep apnea. 

Use essential oils 

Essential oils can help with sleep complaints ranging from snoring to insomnia. Marjoram is a comforting essential oil with sedative properties. You can diffuse it near the bed while you sleep or alternatively, rub a few drops into the soles of your feet and under your toes. Other essential oils popularly used to induce sleep are geranium, lavender and thyme. 

Dilute a few drops of geranium or lavender essential oil into suitable carrier oil. Massage it into your neck and chest to help with sleep disruptions. Alternatively, you can diffuse it near your bed. Thyme is often used to treat respiratory conditions and can help to clear blocked airways. 

Use oral appliances

Oral appliances can help with sleep apnea by repositioning your tongue or jaw to keep your airways open while you sleep. These devices either move your tongue or lower jaw forward to decrease obstruction at the back of your throat. 

You can buy them at pharmacies or have them custom-fitted by dentists. Some people who can’t tolerate a CPAP device may find relief from using an oral appliance instead. 

Some home remedies and lifestyle changes can reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea. However, prescribed medicines and surgery may be required. If you pursue alternative treatments and your symptoms persist, you will need to seek medical attention. 

Travel and remote work go hand in hand for many people across the world. Do your telecommute job in style and even when traveling around the globe. Working from home is not for everyone, and not all individuals enjoy this work model. 

For those who do, the potential to combine work and travel is an absolute advantage. This is where they find their sweet spot between being hermits and being social creatures. Find out how remote workers make their remote work situation a productive experience.

Generate and implement a stringent routine

People often value flexibility and adaptability, but remote work requires a reasonable amount of structure for it to be productive. Remote workers have so much leeway at their disposal in terms of when, where and how to work, that these choices may spark a lack of productivity. 

To remain on track with goal accomplishment and work deadlines, a strict framework for work should be developed. Generate times for work and breaks, and stick to these as rigidly as possible. Although this tip is tough to align with when traveling, the basic rule is to maintain your routine as far as possible when in different environments. 

Get organized for your travels

Basic travels will include the tools of your trade. Nowadays, these tools include a notebook as a bare minimum and, of course, your trusty smartphone. Some people may need more than that for work while on their travels, but the point is to keep all these work items at hand, in a safe place. 

Your life’s work is probably contained in these two digital items, so make sure that regular cloud backups are done regularly. In the case of loss or theft, at least your inconvenience will be minimized. Above all, make sure that your trip is supported with super useful Monos Luggage that helps organize your work and personal items, and travel schedule while on vacation.

Observe strict work/personal boundaries

Setting strict boundaries between office and home hours, and work and personal space is critical if working from home. Create strict boundaries within the home by establishing and maintaining these boundaries. Separation of work and private life is essential to maintain a healthy perspective on these aspects of your life.

The same applies to traveling for work or personal purposes. Travel for work and for pleasure should also be kept separate. Remote workers usually cannot wait to get out of the house to go on an annual vacation, so make the most of the rest by maintaining healthy frameworks. Accomplish separation and strict boundaries by limiting the use of technology when on vacation. 

Stay in touch

Ensure your productivity levels are maintained with a strict routine and stay in touch with work colleagues, friends and family. The people in your life probably like the assurance of knowing that you’re safe and happy. 

You also probably need the knowledge of continued support from your work and loved ones. Sharing with colleagues is different from sharing your experiences with friends and family members.

Simply knowing they are there to listen about the positive elements of your travel experience is supportive, and aids productivity. Idea sharing, various perspectives and brainstorming all contribute to your personal wellbeing while increasing the ease of your workflow. Stay in touch across distances because it’s healthy mutually beneficial.

Above all, make time for leisure if you combine remote work with traveling. There’s plenty to be said for work separation and productivity, but the truth is that rest and recreation are equally healthy to give your best.

A promissory note is basically a written promise by an individual to pay a definite sum of money to the bearer. There are many different types of promissory notes. 

Common situations in which they are used are for student loans, business loans, car loans and for informal loans between family and friends. In some cases, such as an informal loan between friends, a promissory note is very simple. In other cases, such as a business loan, it is likely to be more complex. 

When not to use a promissory note

If a loan is for a substantial amount and you’re loaning to or from an unknown party, using a loan agreement is preferable to using a promissory note. It has stricter guidelines and some form of security for the loan is usually required. Only a borrower has to sign a promissory note while a loan agreement must be signed by both parties. 

What details should appear in promissory notes

As promissory notes are agreements between two parties, the terms and conditions can be set out in a discussion or in writing. Most promissory notes are written contracts but verbal agreements regarding terms and conditions are still seen as binding. 

Some details appear in most promissory notes, such as:

  • Name of the lender and borrower. 
  • The address of the borrower.
  • The amount of money borrowed. 
  • The loan period length.
  • The interest rates if interest is to be charged. 
  • Information about defaults and penalties.
  • If there’s collateral involved, it identifies the collateral. 
  • Date and place where the note is issued. 
  • Signature of the borrower. 

Legal advice is not necessary

Promissory notes are not complex legal documents full of legal jargon and as long as the terms and conditions are clearly defined and agreed upon by both the lender and borrower, there is no real need to seek legal expertise. 

It is easy to use an online template to create a promissory note. Net Lawman has a large variety of templates available with guidelines on how to complete them. It is very convenient to create a personalised promissory note by editing a template, printing it out and signing it. 

Generally speaking, no witness or notary public has to witness the signing of a promissory note. It can help to have a third party to witness the signing of the note in the event that repayment needs to be enforced. The borrower must sign but the lender can sign as well and even get the signatures notarised although this isn’t required. 

What makes a promissory note invalid? 

If a borrower does not sign the note, it is invalid. If any clauses are not clear or one party signed under any kind of duress, it may be difficult to enforce the document if a dispute goes to court. 

Similarly, if the note is biased towards one person or any of the terms seem unfair, such as charging very high interest rates, this could make enforcing the promissory note difficult if a dispute goes to court. 

The lender is required to keep the promissory note until the money has been repaid. There is always a danger that a borrower stops making payments. 

If the loan is secured with collateral, the lender can use it to get the money back. If the loan is unsecured, the lender may battle to get back the money. If the lender can’t find the promissory note or even a copy of it, it will be even more difficult to prove that the borrower owes the money. 

Just like many other pursuits in life, being a remote worker involves networking. It is important to network because your employment as a remote worker is based upon interactions with other people. Here are some ways that you can network as a remote worker.

Establish a Social Media Presence Online

As a remote worker who wants to network, it is very important to establish a widespread social media presence. There are people out there who have a grudge against social media and think that it is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind. However, it is a great tool for attracting attention for your work and building up a network of potential fans and clients.

Experiment with different social media platforms—do not put your eggs in one basket. Each social media platform has its own way of doing things that can either help or hinder your online presence. It all depends on who you are, what services you give and who you are trying to appeal to.

When using social media platforms, you must have in the mind the fact that certain platforms are good for certain circumstances. For example, if you are meeting strangers at a public venue you may want to follow their social media yet keep them at arm’s length. Certain social media platforms are better at this than others.

Some social media platforms are perfect for making new friends and followers via the internet while others lack in that aspect.

Ask Around Your Community

Another great way to get remote work is to talk to people in your community and tell them that you have services to offer. Sometimes, in-person hanging out and word-of-mouth are the best ways to network. Many times, people only care about the people in their communities and social circles who they consistently see, rather than in-person strangers or strangers on the internet.

Contact Individuals and Employers

Another great way to network as a remote worker is to contact employers and individuals who work for companies. Choose your field, and then figure out the names of the companies that you want to work for. Next, look up the names of people who are in various positions of the company. Contact those people.  To expand on this you can get in touch with the SAHM Jobs Center to further put you in a position to find a job.

Have a Portfolio of Work

It is so important to have a portfolio of work. The whole point of the portfolio is to show the employer what you are able and willing to do. If you are applying to be a writer, you should have writing samples. If you are applying to be an illustrator, you should have illustration samples. The remote employer does not know about you or your capabilities, so you must show him/her what you can do. When you are networking as a remote worker, it is important to show your strengths and weaknesses.

Social media platforms give you a great opportunity to showcase your work. Instagram, a picture-heavy social media platform, is great for uploading pictures of your work. Facebook is great for making posts that include text, pictures, and videos. There are specific websites, such as Behance, that exist for the purpose of people showing off their work.

Start Your Own Website

Starting your own website is a great way to network because having your own website shows another level validity. You can put whatever you want on your website. Having a website appears more professional and piques the interests of potential clients.

Having insurance is critical for small business operations. Insurance makes sure that small businesses are protected against all the different types of risks that they may face. A good start in selecting business insurance is considering the kind of risk that may face your business. Also, give thought to all the equipment, tools, technologies, and materials used by the business. Lack of insurance cover may result in business owners covering the cost of liability claims from their pockets. Below is an outline of the different types of insurance that a small business may need.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance ensures that your small business remains in operation even after suffering a huge loss due to natural disasters. While natural crises and disasters can be inevitable, it would be prudent to ensure business continuation after the occurrence of a disaster. The risk of business interruption due to adversities such as floods and wildfires is always present. This kind of insurance can help your business back to its feet by covering ongoing costs such as payrolls and bills.

Commercial General Liability

Every business is always at risk of liability claims. If there is one type of business insurance that small businesses should consider getting, it is the general commercial insurance. This insurance protects your business from property damage and bodily injury. Bodily injury is a common claim on businesses and assumes that the injury was a result of business negligence. To avoid the costly and time-consuming property damage lawsuits, startups and small business owners should ensure their businesses are covered against the same.

Commercial Property Insurance

It takes more than a great idea to run a successful business. Ensure that all your business assets and the building you operate in are well covered against significant risks. This kind of insurance can help in financing replacement and repairing the furniture, equipment, and inventory in the event of risk occurrence.

Product Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is necessary for a business that manufactures products rather than offer services. Product liability insurance covers any liability claims or lawsuits that may arise from a problem with one of your products. Some of the common issues that result in product liability claims include illness due to consumption and bodily injury or property damage that may result from the use of a product.

Professional Liability Insurance

For a small business that specializes in offering any creative or professional services, they must get professional liability insurance. This kind of insurance is also commonly referred to as errors and omissions insurance. It protects a small business from the lawsuit and compensation cost of liability claims on financial loss due to omissions or errors in services offered.

Cyber Risk Coverage

Many small business owners think that they are invaluable to hackers and that they are not vulnerable to cyberattacks. The truth is that small business forms the bigger victim portion of all cyberattacks. This can be attributed to the negligence in putting up any cybersecurity measures in small businesses. A single cyberattack can be the cause of your downfall. Cyber risk coverage protects your business against financial losses that may arise as a result of cyber threats.

Depending on how your business is set up, you may require many types of insurance as bigger firms. By using the services of licensed insurance companies, you can be walked through the different types of coverages that suit your business best.

Many people don’t have an emergency savings fund at all and others only have a savings cushion to last about six months. This means that there’s plenty of work to do when it comes to saving. 

It’s not as difficult as you may think to start saving money. It simply means making some good choices and you can watch your money start working for you. 

Here are five simple steps you can take to boost your savings.

  1. Assess where your money is going

You have to honestly assess where your money is going. It doesn’t help to put some money aside at the beginning of the month and then dip into it before the month is over. Setting up a monthly budget to get your spending under control can make life difficult at first. 

However, there are plenty of mobile apps you can use to track your spending and you may be surprised to see where some of it is going when you face the facts. You may be spending far more on takeaway coffee than you realize. 

  1. Eliminate unnecessary spending

Once you analyze your spending and draw up a budget, you can look at your overhead costs and see how to reduce them. It’s much easier to reduce your spending than to increase your income. Simple steps, like taking lunch to work instead of buying it, can be a good start.

Checkout Saver offers you some great money-saving hacks that can save you money when you shop online. Your savings goal does not have to be huge when you first start or it could feel intimidating. Start small and you can increase it over time. 

  1. Automate your savings

It’s much easier to save if you automate your savings. If you wait till the end of the month to try and save what you have left, there’s likely not to be anything left. Automatically schedule a payment to your savings account when you receive your paycheck.

For example, if you get paid by direct deposit to your checking account once a month, set up a $50 transfer to your savings account and you will have saved $600 by the end of the year, not counting the additional interest your savings will earn. If you can, jumpstart your savings account with your year-end bonus or a tax refund. 

  1. Choose the right checking account

Look for checking accounts that offer rewards such as good interest rates, bonuses for signing up and cashback on purchases up to a certain amount a month. Some checking accounts require you to make a certain number of debit card payments a month to earn a high rate. 

This doesn’t mean you should start making extra purchases. If you already make the required amount of payments or more, you will be rewarded by simply doing what you are already doing. 

  1. Use a high yield savings account

Most brick-and-mortar banks offer pretty low interest on savings accounts. If you put your money into a high yield savings account, you could earn much more. Online banks and credit unions tend to offer accounts with higher rates because they save costs by conducting business online. 

It is easy to open a savings account online and electronically transfer money into it. If possible, choose an account with minimal charges because high bank fees could cancel out any benefits you receive from higher interest rates. Deposit money into a high-rate savings account with low fees and you can grow your money with little to no extra effort on your part. 

Being able to enjoy a deep relaxing sleep is healthy and rejuvenation. Deep sleep is essential for health, with up to 8 hours a night being the recommended norm. Unfortunately, fewer than 25% of U.S. citizens get sufficient sleep. 

Sleep deprivation results in poor health, including increased stress, mood swings, complications with natural hunger indicators. A lack of sleep also contributes to infertility problems, making quality sleep a vital part of our overall health benefits. 

Sleep quantity and hormonal health for women

Hormone production and release is improved by sleep. How the body manufactures and releases hormones further influences your hunger cues, emotional wellbeing and whether you are inclined to put on weight or not. A healthy weight improves the potential to fall pregnant, so looking after your sleep health is vital. 

Try to sleep for at least 7 or 8 hours a night for optimum hormonal health production including leptin, follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH), estrogen and progesterone. Obtaining the best care and IVF success rate is highly dependent on the quality of care accessed and received. 

Contacting a top IVF clinic with supportive experts, equipment and a conducive environment is the optimum plan to pursue when attempting to fall pregnant.

Sleep health for men

Men are likewise impacted by how much sleep they get each night. Sperm regulation is driven by testosterone, which is typically released while you sleep on a daily basis. 

Scientific studies continue to associate healthy testosterone production with a man’s healthy sleep patterns. Sufficient sleep is essential for both men and women, especially when it comes to sperm and ovarian health and falling pregnant.

Sleep quality and the impact of blue light

Sleep quality is as important as the amount of sleep you get every night. Our contemporary environment is full of blue light in the form of computers, tablets and smartphones. 

Studies indicate that the blue light emitted by these devices has an impact on melatonin production, suppressing the levels produced, which reduces sleep quality. Besides enhancing deep quality sleep, melatonin additionally serves as a shield for egg production around ovulation times.

Sleep times also influence female fertility

Women who work at night may experience a negative impact on their fertility rates. Colloquially known as the ‘infertility shift,’ women whose careers require them to work at night, will typically have lower fertility levels. Sleep times are, therefore, vital to promoting fertility so that a woman can become pregnant. 

Circadian rhythms are impacted when insufficient nighttime sleep is attained. Menstruation cycles are disrupted, resulting in hormonal imbalances, and estrogen levels are upset. Menstruation becomes irregular, influencing fertility negatively. Being able to become pregnant and carry a baby to full term is therefore heavily reliant on achieving quality sleep during the night.

Make improved sleep a habit to support IVF

Change your habits to promote quality sleep. Set a specific time to go to bed every night. Switch off televisions, phones and computers at least an hour before your chosen bedtime to reduce blue light exposure. Adhere strictly to your rules. Maintain this habit over weekends. 

Your bedroom should be a harmonious, comforting sanctuary to promote quality sleep. Exclude disruptions in this area, and remove electronic equipment that may interfere with your sleep. 

Avoid stimulants from 4 or 5 p.m. that may disrupt a deep sleep. Play soothing music or meditate before going to sleep. If a warm bath before bedtime promotes sleep, then do that or read a book to help you relax if that is easier to place you in a sleep mode.

Healthy sleep promotes the production of hormones needed for fertility and becoming pregnant. Do whatever is necessary to develop healthy sleep patterns to promote your chances of IVF success.

Losing weight is an amazing accomplishment for anyone who has overcome this challenge. Discipline, patience, and being kind to yourself go hand in hand with creating new habits. Eating habits need to change. 

Physical exercise routines form an essential element of reaching weight loss goals. Emotional factors also play a vital role in the achievement of weight loss goals. 

On top of all of this, you need to stay aware of how best to naturally manage the loose skin that results from excess weight loss. Here are some valuable tips to include in your weight loss program to do just that.

Always stay hydrated

Water is your friend in every situation. Most of your body consists of water and your skin especially loves water to retain its elasticity. Drink large amounts of water (without overdoing it) as a natural method of keeping your skin looking and feeling good. 

Prevent your skin from becoming wrinkled, dry and sagging by drinking at least 200 ml for every 10 kg of body weight. Overdo this and you could place stress on your kidneys.

Observe healthy eating habits

Eat a healthy balanced diet to support your skin when losing weight. Use natural autophagy as an alternate means to manage weight loss and reduce sagging skin. Autophagy is a fancy word that means your body eliminates damaged cells when you have brief fasts of 12 or 18 hours a day. 

You can then consume between 500 and 700 calories in the remaining time. Support your brief fasts by using, which explains the relevance and importance of brief fasts.

Improved metabolism and health form part of the support provided. Valuable information about rapid metabolism improves weight loss, muscle retention and other health benefits in the process, while also naturally managing sagging skin.

Slow, consistent weight loss works best

Develop a slow weight loss plan so that your skin can adapt to its new circumstances. Slow weight loss is healthy, and you are more likely to retain your weight loss with a consistent routine of healthy eating combined with physical exercise. 

Lean muscle exercises and brief fasting periods also support consistent weight loss and skin health. With all the challenges facing you on your journey, it requires courage and discipline to stay on track. Be kind to yourself on your journey, and support your mental and emotional health with beneficial intermittent fasting.

Support your skin health with supplements

Protect your body from these toxins by using appropriate supplements to support elastin and collagen for skin and body health. Vitamin A, C and E support the elimination of new cell production and the fight against free radicals. A collagen supplement also works wonders in helping your skin to preserve its integrity. 

Add gelatin and fish oil to your nutrient regimen to also help maintain youthful skin. Add all these supplements to your diet at the start of your weight loss program to preserve skin elasticity, because a typical diet may not yield all the nutrients you need to attain this goal. 

Lean muscle exercises promote skin strength

Support your weight loss by doing lean muscle exercises. Resistance training is an excellent way to promote skin integrity and reduce sagging naturally. Muscle mass is generated, which tends to fill out the space where fat used to be, which reduces the appearance of loose skin. 

The American Council of Exercise reinforces lean muscle training for this purpose. Use a 30-minute routine every day to build lean muscle with circuit training, bodyweight activities, power yoga, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and similar exercises to fill in loose skin. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results that your efforts produce. 

There comes a time in life when you may need financial assistance rapidly. Perhaps you don’t have time to go through bank requirements to access quick cash for an emergency. Alternatively, your credit score may be too poor to access money through traditional means. 

Other loan options are available in times of dire need, even when your credit record has not been maintained. You will then be able to get a loan from non-traditional companies to see you through a rough patch to get you back on your feet.

How to obtain a quick payday loan

When you find yourself in a financial bind, companies like Lending Bear installment loan can provide a quick solution so that you can get back on your feet. Get online payday loans to see you through the month. 

A quick application online will enable you to submit the necessary details for rapid approval. The money can be in your account within 24 hours by simply following instructions, and providing relevant documentation. 

You will need to repay the loan or pay it off in installments at the end of the month when your salary is paid into your account.

Quick and easy pawn loans 

Pawn loans involve exchanging some valuable goods for cash. The business will use these valuable items as collateral for the money given to you in times of trouble. Once you are able to get enough money together, you can then pay the business back in return for the valuable items provided as collateral. 

A fee will typically be added to the amount borrowed, and you will also be given a specific time frame in which to recover your goods. These are terms that will be agreed upon when opting for a pawn loan.

Reasons why a rapid loan is needed

You may have just found a new job after searching the job market for a while, and now need some funds to buy clothing for your office job. A medical emergency may have arisen that requires an additional payment to receive treatment immediately. 

A recent job loss can mean that the only way to maintain car payments between jobs is to get a loan. There are many reasons why people need a fast cash injection to help them stay on track. Knowing that a fast, easy loan option is available is vital to your financial wellbeing. 

Friendly helpful service is available

Well trained, experienced personnel are available to talk you through the various loan options available. Customers can choose to use this personalized service across various states, or they may simply prefer to make a loan application online. 

Either way, friendly staff members are ready to assist you in meeting your monetary needs. These may be a short-term cash injection or may extend over several months. Pawn loans and payday loans are the best if a smaller amount of money is required to bridge a need, otherwise, title deeds and installment loans may suit you better.

Title deeds and installment loans

Use your car and title deed of ownership as a guarantee to get a substantial loan to renovate your home or pay off a credit card. This is another loan type available to those who are not able to get financing through traditional institutions. 

Another option is to take a loan out and base repayments on installments. These two loan types are typically given over a longer period. Interest rates will be calculated based on your risk profile, together with the timeframe of the loan payment period. 

There are clearly many reasons why people need money in a hurry and several businesses that can help you when necessary.

A balanced diet is necessary in order to build lean muscle mass. Sound nutrition and supplementation are essential for providing the energy needed to get through rigorous workouts. Here are the foundational principles of supportive nutrition:

  1. Time your meals around your workouts

It is better to eat for what you are going to do, not for what you have already done. In other words, it makes more sense to get your calories before your workouts, not after. By getting a large portion of your meals before you hit the gym, you will utilize your stored energy more efficiently.

  1. Ditch the low-carb diets

Unless you want to look like an anorexic runway model, say good-bye to the harmful Keto Diet. Carbohydrates just happen to be the main source of energy for your muscles. You won’t have a very good workout if you are half-starved of essential nutrients.

Opt for low glycemic carbs that have a longer lifespan for providing energy. Foods such as brown rice, whole grains, beans, and oatmeal are best.

  1. Eat quality proteins

Lifting weights causes micro-tears at the mitochondrial fibers of the muscle. When those tiny cracks heal, your muscles will recover stronger, and sometimes larger.

You can speed this process along by utilizing enough protein in your diet. By eating enough quality animal proteins such as fish, chicken, and lean beef, you supply your muscles with essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s), which are the building blocks of protein metabolism.

  1. Protein supplementation is a must

Certain types of animal meat, especially red meats, can contain high levels of saturated fats. Also, it has become problematic in recent years to consume too much animal protein. For example, some animals contain harmful contaminants such as hormones, antibiotics, parasites, and bacteria.

This is why it is so important to utilize a high-quality protein powder during your muscle-building program. The best type of protein is whey, which is utilized in the body more effectively than soy. However, there are those who cannot digest whey protein and may get an upset stomach from using it. In this case, soy is the next best solution.

Choose a whey protein powder that has a good BCAA profile, meaning that it contains at least the essential amino acids. Start with about 0.5 grams per pound of body weight to start. As your muscles get bigger and stronger you will need to increase the dosage.

  1. Don’t neglect your fruits and vegetables

Taking in higher levels of protein can have consequences for your digestive system. This is where foods that are high in fiber can help. By getting enough fruits and vegetables, you not only increase fiber intake, but you also provide your body with essential nutrients that are critical for protein metabolism.

Low-sugar fruits such as apples, oranges, and pears are a good choice, especially for breakfast or a quick snack. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and kale provide the vitamins and minerals necessary so you can push through a hard workout.

The bottom line

Nutrition is responsible for nearly 70% of your success in the gym. By having a balanced diet utilizing the proper mix of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, you give your muscles the food they need to grow big and strong!