In honor of the 50th anniversary of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer-Prize winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird and the Academy Award-winning performance by the legendary Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, Oliver Peoples has debuted a very classic, very cool Gregory Peck frame.

The retro-inspired design includes an exaggerated keyhole bridge and genuine horizontal plaques on the frame front and temples. The discreet but recognizable Oliver Peoples logo is laminated at the temple end.

Anthony Peck, son of Gregory Peck, had the original optical frame worn in To Kill a Mockingbird in his possession for many years. With the 50th anniversary of such a great American film around the corner, he sought out Larry and Dennis Leight, the founders of Oliver Peoples, to discuss the classic frames – an ideal time to recreate this iconic style.

The glasses ‘look’ very cool, a perfect honor to a movie star such as Gregory Peck. And you don’t even need a three-piece suit to go with a pair (though it might help).

In the end, a great pair of glasses are never out of style.

The new frames ($315), available everywhere in May, arrive in four muted colors and made from a transparent acetate that resembles tortoiseshell with a bit more polish. All proceeds to the Peck Family from this project will be donated to the Los Angeles Public Library. [via hypebeast]

I admit I’m not always down with the floral print apparel. But that doesn’t mean my wardrobe can’t make room for one as sweet as the floral print design coming from Epaulet. The standard slim-fit shirt, made up in a nice printed UK cloth, shows off a likable tight pattern of floral, making it a shirt I can easily match with jeans or chinos.

And maybe because it’s getting warmer out, but the shirt just has a spring-y, summer-y vibe working. The floral short features a mid-length tail, which looks good looks good tucked or un-tucked. Its 100% Pima cotton fabrication is soft and comfortable. The shirt’s barrel cuffs close with a single button. A left chest pocket is perfectly matched to the shirt body.

The Brooklyn-based Epaulet opened in 2008 featuring all sorts of men’s and women’s boutique apparel and accessories.

The Red Floral Shirt runs $140 (get it here). You could make the case the floral shirt design is too loud, but I feel it’s subtle enough overall not to freak anyone out when you walk into the bar – beach or city. Spring is in the air, and the more I look at it the better I like it. [via por homme]

Do you worship at the altar of the Polo Shirt? Is the ubiquitous Polo Shirt ruler of your closet? If this answer is ‘yes’ to these questions then you might be interested in a recent Lands’ End survey of avid golfers from the Golf Digest database; over 80 percent of respondents said the polo shirt is the most versatile item in their closets and over 50 percent own more than 20 polo shirts.

The polo shirt: it’s all about expectations and having those expectations met from your polo designer of choice.

“Building a high-quality polo shirt is something we’ve been doing at Lands’ End for roughly 30 years,” said J. Henley, Lands’ End men’s design director.

Quality is a key factor most men search for in a perfect polo shirt. It’s no surprise that nearly every polo expert surveyed (95.8%) can tell the difference between a good-quality polo shirt and a poorly constructed polo shirt.

Well, Lands’ End has a new polo out and they promise a no-curl collar that will lie flat on its own or under a blazer after numerous trips through the wash.

Game on, Land’s End!

Experts say the number one polo pet peeve is poor construction (98.9%), followed by curling collars (94.3%) and fading fabric after washing (89.5%).

The survey also found that when not on the golf course, polos are most often worn by guys around town on the weekends (98.1%), followed closely by dinner engagements (94.9%).

That sounds about right.

These might be too simple for some folks, but considering how beat-up all my cases get, this should do just fine for me. The Landmark & Lions Phone Cases are still quite smart, but they have a certain handmade quality, not over-polished. The topstitching here makes the case less fancy and more casual, but so do the contrasting linings of felt wool.

The best part about Landmark & Lions’ phone cases is the glow. That lambskin leather glow, with a fine grain, that looks like it’s been cared for by someone with possibly too much time on their hands. Of course, that’s natural, which lazy-bones will find attractive. Color combinations include brown and pink, brown and grey, black and red, & black and blue. Another version is made entirely of felt wool for those not interested in leather, and all cases fit a variety of smart phones. [via selectism]

Are you feeling the heat yet? Miami is in the mid-80s already, and I’m scooping up advice on dressing for hot weather wherever and whenever I can get it. This Seven Homme spread with model Stas Svetlichnyy, styled by Oka-Z, provides enough inspiration to keep you dipping back into your closet for new combinations, even if you’re not blessed with a walk-in that features Comme des Garçons and a lot of Barneys select pieces: lightweight jackets, cardigans, and double-breasted silhouettes. We can’t forget the cropped stuff and shorts, either, plus nautically-flavored shoes.

We could easily come up with a few looks of our own, which is a testament to Oka-Z’s good selections. His relaxed looks included roomy pieces and lots of layers, so there are plenty of techniques and color additions that could be used to your advantage. An example of the transitional creative journey: jeans with two cardigans for cool beach nights, cloaks and cape with shorts, colorblocked outfits, liberty prints with utility jackets, collegiate styles in summer weights, plaid with pastels, scarves, ties and casual coats, and contrasting white buttons on outer layers. I wouldn’t mind the odd canvas bag for additional gear and a pair of shoes with white rubber outsoles. [via modeman]

I’m wondering if it’s not just excellent photography that’s drawing me in about these Staples x Kinetics Timberland Chukka Boots. Don’t underestimate the power of good photos. If someone told me that were the case, I wouldn’t even be surprised. A little texture on the top of the uppers, some foresty details like heavy stitching, and a matching hat make this Staple/Kinetics collaboration pairing exciting and not at all intimidating. These chukkas are available in tan and grey, both good color options, and they’ll blend in beautifully with your jeans or trousers of choice.

Looking at the chukkas from the side, they appear high-quality and seem well worth the bucks. Well, you might have your eye on sandals right now, but if there’s any indication you’ll want to have these in your closet in the second half of 2011, pounce now. It’s not worth skipping a good buy just because you’re sick of looking at tougher boots… you’ll probably be wearing these in no time. The matching canvas cap is great for those who are interested in having a set. New York and Japanese labels come together in this great presentation for 2011, and I want to see more.[via highsnobiety]

Do you own a pocket square? If not, now might be a good time to find one because none other than Neiman Marcus men’s fashion director Nick Wooster (above) says ‘You Must Have a Pocket Square This Season.’

The straightforward headline is from Christianna Ablahad’s interview with the stylish Wooster for She caught up with Wooster in San Diego at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley; he was on location to present men’s spring looks and basically show the fellas an up-close example of how it’s done.

“The one must-have men’s accessory is the pocket square,” declared the dapper Wooster.

It’s the easiest, quickest way to make any ordinary jacket look extraordinary. We do our own collection, Brunello Cuccinelli, Etro, Brioni, and you can never go wrong with white. It’s that perfect bit of polish.

Wooster adds that he loves “a hot pink or an acid yellow.”

“Orange goes with everything,” he reminds us. “I say don’t be afraid of color in a pocket square!”

Asked to comment on Tom Ford’s recent recommendation that ‘men throw away their socks and underwear every six months and start anew,’ Wooster replied simply: ” I think it’s a great idea.”

I like his thinking, but the reality doesn’t match up for most men. David Beckham probably re-stocks the boxers/briefs stash every six months, but some of us are still working those plaid Polo boxers we nabbed on sale at Bloomingdales last year. Late last year.

Read the complete interview with Nick Wooster here. And by all means get a damn pocket square.

Christopher Raeburn’s work for Victorinox has been brought to us via Dazed, and what a capsule collection it is. Totaling only eight pieces, the collaboration still adds interest to a 127-year-old company’s signature look. The work even comes with its own Swiss army knife, and the coats are voluminous, warm, and modern. Sinking into one might make you forget about wishing spring were here. [via selectism]

Becasue even though it’s springtime (and soon enough summertime), the temperature is known to take a dip when the sun goes down. And this lovely wool cardigan from Aubin & Wills is just the right knitwear for keeping warm and looking cool.

The ‘bulky,’ navy wool cardigan features three front pockets, a ribbed shawl collar, hem and cuffs and contrasting brown buttons. A much better option than a coat, the cardigan goes nicely with the khaki pants and crisp, white t-shirt provided to us by the fashion geniuses at Mr. Porter – my new favorite website.

100% wool, with 100% cotton lining, the cardigan arrives ‘true to size’ with a boxy style designed to be worn relaxed on the body.

The price is about $260 (£179), but just think how good you are going to be looking on one of those cool spring evenings. In fact, I will have the entire ensemble on display from Mr. Porter – right down to the leather boat shoes and leather messenger bag (to go nicely with the aforementioned white t-shirt and slim fit cargo pants). This cardigan just screams ‘come cuddle up to me’ to the ladies, in my opinion.

And if you happen to be a guy who spends all week in a suit and wants to go casual on the weekend, yet still keeping a preppy style, then this cardigan looks like it’s going to work perfectly. [via mrporter]

Give me a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes anytime – especially now that temperature is beginning to rise. If the slip-ons also happen to be super cool-looking, as is the case with the Air Newport from Cole Haan, all the better.

Made with a lovely soft canvas, the easy-going slip-ons from ace shoemaker Cole Haan are available in salt and plaid twill. Priced at a reasonable $128, the Cole Haan’s utilize Nike Air technology to keep things just as comfy as they are casual. A quick features rundown includes leather trim and overlay, rubber sidewall foxing and a rubber sole with herringbone tread pattern. As far as casual slip-ons go, it’s tough to knock this pair; a mix of casual luxury and cool comfort, the soft canvas/leather, shiny nickel eyelets, molded and removable insole and that Nike Air technology equals shoe heaven.

Do you need resort attire? Because these bad boys fit the bill. Maybe you own a boat/yacht/canoe. Well the Air Newport Slip-On is vital. In the end, just throw on some khakis or Bermuda shorts with these great shoes and you’re good to go for spring and summer. [via pursuitist]