The Union Street Camera and Laptop Messenger Bag for ONA’s the kind you have to hide from your friend with the huge messenger bag collection, for obvious reasons. It’s a bag you can easily justify; it’s got a simple look to it that’s matchable; it works for both cameras and laptops (together!); it’s grime-resistant and you can fit your DSLR, a 15″ laptop, and up to 3 accessories/lenses inside. Isn’t that convenient–and doesn’t that make it so much easier to work that ONA bag into your budget?

Waxed canvas adds a little water-resistance to your laptop/camera bag without leaving it super-slick and sweaty, and the bag has five customizable dividers inside to fit everything you need. Three cheers for the ousting of the traditional (and ugly) camera bag! Plus, since this one holds your laptop, you’ll be able to find more places to carry it around than just when you need your camera and the goods. At $279, it’s not exactly cheap, but camera bags always hang around forever before biting the dust. I wouldn’t call this an “investment piece,” because that just seems ridiculous, but at the same time, you won’t be wasting your money on something you’ll use a couple of times. [via hypebeast]

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