Oak just released a couple breezier shoe styles, and these ones are by far the most agreeable of the newly-dropped options. Oak’s selections are a little mandal-y, a little oxford-y, including a pair with a buckled heel strap and an open design. Oak’s shoes are hit-or-miss this time around, but the Antoine & Stanley Black Calvin Braided Shoes are winners. Highly glossy and textured, these shoes have a dressy shape paired with a more casual upper effect. Those who declare themselves “not the sandals type” will still find the braided ones cool enough for summer.

Oak’s Antoine & Stanley shoes are constructed from perforated braided leather and feature an enclosed heel and synthetic sole. Being 100% calf leather and handmade, they represent value for the money. These made-in-Australia shoes also have a good reputation, although you don’t have to sacrifice personal style to get a pair of quality shoes in this case. The Luke Open Back Sandals, with a round toe and a wrap-around ankle strap, are not for everyone; the Otto Cut-Out shoe is also more challenging from a sartorial standpoint. The Black Calvin Braided Shoes allow you to combine some degree of airiness without completely overhauling the rest. [$214 at oak]

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