Nautical Schmautical’s 2018 collection is sparing and simple, evoking a quiet spirit of the past. A cocked navy cap might seem to be a bit much, and it would be in real life, but the collection’s spread, including black and white shots, has a grainy feel to it as though it were pulled off a Super 8 roll. Family vacation photos, maybe, if your cousins are that handsome. Nautical Schmautical’s model lineup includes Cole Mohr and Yuri Pleskun, and they have a fisherman’s-son-on-vacation feel when they’re all ganged up together in the “lifestyle images” released by the company.

But on to the collection. It would be good to stock up on, and it has a certain appeal, as though the pieces were pulled from your dad’s trunk or maybe spirited away from a roommate. They’re everyday wearables, from the hooded sweatshirt to the printed tees, and worn with high boots when on display. Hoodies, shorts, and zip-up sweatshirts are paired with Nautical Schamutical’s signature t-shirt in heathered red and blue. If you continue to browse their looks, you’ll see a few pieces with heavy militaristic inspiration for their lifestyle spread just for kicks. But there is some bad news: if you have been coveting that beany ($45), it’s currently sold out on Nautical Schmautical’s website. [via the fashionisto]

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