Mr Porter, the new male version of online luxury shopping site Net-A-Porter, is finally live and ready for action. The plan is to ride the big wave of demand amongst men seeking stylish clothes – online. The high-end e-tailor will offer 80-plus leading international brands including Gucci, Jil Sander, Burberry, YSL, Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Margaret Howell to name but a few.

Content on the website – run by former Esquire editor Jeremy Langmead – includes the online menswear magazine The Journal, Style Directory and Mr Porter Profiles. There’s also Wardrobe Manager, which links to a rundown of style needs every man should own. The first issue of The Journal is packed with some great content, so definitely worth taking a look.

It’s a damn good-looking website, so I for one will be taking a look to see how the brother of Net-a-Porter can do in the online fashion world. Net-a-Porter debuted in 2000 and has pretty much been a rousing success ever since, attracting over 2.5 million users (see: shopping crazed ladies) a month.

We shall see if the newly born, little brother website will encounter the same dose of success now that the well-hyped and well-stocked luxury online retail store is open for business.

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