Levi’s released an update of their WaterLess selvedge jeans, made in the USA, in 501, 505, and 511s. While Levi’s jeans might not be go-to for you, they are worth reconsidering to give the planet some help without making a huge effort. If you’re going to buy jeans anyway, have one pair be from Levi’s WaterLess. Last year, the first WaterLess collection came out, which used 28% less water, and the spring 2018 line is set to save an outstanding 15 million litres of water. In addition to the jeans, there’s also a denim trucker jacket available.

“An average pair of Levi’s® jeans needs 42 liters of water to be dyed, washed, and finished. Once we take them home we use even more water caring for our jeans using 21 liters every time we wash,” Levi’s explains about WaterLess. “That’s 4 times the amount of water someone in a developing country might use for an entire day’s drinking, cleaning, cooking, and washing combined.”

Multiple WaterLess washes are available for the picking, and since there are also skinnies in the mix, I can imagine everyone finding something to flatter. While I don’t have any in my closet at the moment, I think I should be able to invest in a pair and save some water in the process. If you go to the Levi’s website, you can see a full description of WaterLess. [via acquire]

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