Oak NYC regularly stocks interesting men’s jewelry and accessories, and I make it a point to explore their recent additions to the site each week. Their animal-inspired items are intriguing and have been on my radar since they first added unusual men’s pieces from LAS. The Hare and Wolf Rings at Oak (wolf shown after the jump!) have a distinctive design aesthetic that puts them in the same category without making them look too similar (and therefore snore-y). The Hare ring, shown above, is cast from a hand-carved wax mold in recycled bronze. Bronze is an unsung hero when it comes to affordable men’s jewelry, and the hare has some gold undertones that are expected of white bronze pieces.

Meanwhile, the wolf’s a bit stormier-looking. Still cast from recycled bronze, but with a decidedly darker look to it, the cheaper of the two rings won’t leave you guessing what color it’ll turn when or if it changes over time (not exactly my favorite game!). Also of interest is a primitive-looking fish ring by LAS and a tough sabretooth ring in the same bronze. Bright, and yet not so precious that you can’t wear them when you want. [$156 at oak (hare ring); $98 at oak (wolf ring)]

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