My interest in the Royal Family and the upcoming Royal Wedding is minimal. While I do find the history of the British monarchy interesting, the idea of royalty nowadays feels rather antiquated. I suppose I see the larger picture of why the Royal Family are still useful; a harmless necessity I guess. But that Kate Middleton is something to look at, am I right?

I already know way too much about the 29-year-old fiancee to Prince William and what she might be wearing on her wedding day (and that includes underneath her wedding dress – thanks US Weekly!), but she is a very attractive young woman, future queen or not, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t present a carefully curated photo gallery of the princess-to-be.

Kate Middleton is not a perfect beauty. Not to say anyone is, but I mean she’s not just drop-dead gorgeous and case closed. Maybe that’s part of her broad appeal; she actually resembles a real person who doesn’t always look perfect in every photograph, like some flawless creature that is more mannequin than woman.

But she’s very pretty; a nice mix of the sophisticated and the sexy.

Among the hundreds of photos I’ve looked at of the princess-to-be, it was nice to see that Middleton enjoys fun of the nighttime variety, a party girl not afraid to sex it up for a night on the town. This royalty thing will surely scrub all the late-night sass for a more proper way of living, at least in the public eye.

Let’s hope William still gets a glimpse of the party girl Kate once their hitched. I like to think from time to time, when the days’ royal itinerary is complete, the two will just break out the comfy, non-royal clothes and let loose. Maybe ring up Prince Harry, because you know he’s always ready to get down and have some fun!

William and Kate will tie the knot April 29 at Westminster Abbey in London.

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