Summertime might still be around the sunny corner, but spring is definitely in the air. So no better time to investigate the latest Jack Spade collection of spring and summer styles. From bags and ringer tees to cargo shorts, plaid button-downs and lightweight jackets, the new collection will definitely have you looking cool as the weather heats up.

There’s really some great stuff in the collection. The Waxwear Soft Duffle, a fine cotton canvas soaked in a centuries old paraffin formula originally developed for sailcloth, is a favorite. As is the Stripe T-Shirt, the FT Crewneck, the Mini Stripe Short Sleeve Button Down, the Bayberry Shirt, made of a cotton yarn-dyed oxford cloth woven in Portugal, and the Boat Canvas Deck Messenger.

What I love is that the collection works at the beach and later at the bar (preferably on the beach!). It’s preppy, it’s summertime-y and Jack Spade really hits a homerun with the latest collection.

It’s a sharp-looking set, featuring bright, breezy colors splashed across gingham, plaid and striped apparel. Plus those quintessential Jack Spade bags. And that pink gingham button-down above ($165) will be mine. (via acquire)

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