You name a grooming product Fatboy Putty and I’m interested. While it makes perfect sense to think the hair paste might comes from Fatboy Slim, in fact the putty comes via Tyson Kennedy, the lead singer of the Grammy-nominated band Steriogram and an award-winning hairstylist at Cutler Salon in Soho. The man knows how to multi-task.

Kennedy told the T Magazine he was ‘tired of products that leave locks weighed down or looking over-coiffed.’

The final product is the result of over 18 months of tinkering and experimentation in the kitchen of Kennedy’s Lower East Side apartment; Fatboy aims to coax out the best of each person’s unique hair personality. It’s a bold move by Kennedy to go on his own where hair products are concerned. I mean, this is a massive industry run by huge corporations, so I applaud the endeavor.

“I like a bit of boogie to my hair product,” Kennedye explains to T Magazine, “but hate my hair feeling greasy, like it has a ton of product in there. I made Fatboy in order to have the perfect balance between the hair having a rough matte texture and being soft to the touch, with a lightweight feel.”

Fatboy gives hair a matte finish, leaving it with that second day texture some of us love. It’s $18. Go crazy. [via t magazine]

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