Columbiaknit’s been producing their knits since the 1920s, which means they have quality and consumer trust down pat. As someone who’ll scream if she sees another “luxury yet made in China” accessory, I’m enjoying the change of pace. This time, Columbiaknit joined forces with Jordan Saylor of Winn Perry in Portland. Slinging this around your neck, even in summer, will work—although you might want to wait until after dusk to really do it justice.

This simple scarf has the right construction to make it last, although it isn’t fussy. The seams are turned down and finished; the edges are tacked to prevent any unsightly folding or unraveling. I’m a sucker for tags, so I really enjoy that Columbiaknit fabric one that’s sitting on the scarf’s end. Originally sold in two colorways, this scarf is currently available in black and grey. Naturally, we all want the blue-and-white scarf, which should be restocked at Archival soon. I have a knack for liking the pieces that sell out first, but I’ll let you know when it’s back and ready to grab. 8 oz. cotton jersey is delicious, and this scarf is a natural pairing with t-shirts in soft knits. [via acquire]

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