Ronnie Fieg’s Clarks Originals Desert Boots are great, aren’t they? I can’t get enough of Clarks–like a lot of people out there, to be honest–and the slate blue ones are a good choice when it comes to bridging the gap between blacks/greys and colors for shoes. Matching slate blue laces are the finishing touch here, leaving these both denim-friendly and a pal to well-worn casual pieces. The shoes still haven’t gone on sale yet, so you have your chance to pounce, unlike some of the pieces we’ve spotted that are only available in limited sizing or that have sold out. These will be available on April 8th at (10 a.m. EST)… start your engines?

The choice of slate blue is a good one, since it provides a glimpse of the nap. With soft uppers and with an even softer color, the Slate Blue Clarks Originals work for adding some pep to basics. The best things about Clarks’ new Ronnie Fieg shoes is that they don’t require you to take a chance on innovative shoes that simply aren’t as comfortable as they’re billed to be. The Clarks Originals are a safe pick, but they aren’t a boring one. [via selectism]

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