Ts(s) Summer Tweed Jacket

Summer tweed? Don’t mind if we do. While summer’s a delight (especially when you’re bogged down all winter in white stuff), some of us find it hard to look sophisticated when there are few elements in play. Gone are the interest-grabbing layers, the attention-getting coats, the sweaters, and the heavy leather shoes. Things are lighter, … Continue Reading

ONA Union Street Camera & Laptop Messenger Bag

The Union Street Camera and Laptop Messenger Bag for ONA’s the kind you have to hide from your friend with the huge messenger bag collection, for obvious reasons. It’s a bag you can easily justify; it’s got a simple look to it that’s matchable; it works for both cameras and laptops (together!); it’s grime-resistant and … Continue Reading

New at Oak: Chambray Shirt, Electric Moto Jacket

Oak finds! Oh, how fun. My weekly Oak stalking resulted in finding two nice “just in” pieces on the site: the Cold Method Navy Pieced Chambray Shirt, and the Electric Moto Jacket. One will be useful just as soon as it arrives at your doorstep (spring showers, unexpected gusty weather), and the chambray shirt can … Continue Reading

Nudie Jeans: “This Blue Is Green” Collection

Nudie Jeans is doing their bit to help the planet, and we’re happy to see what they’ve got in motion. Similar to the Levi’s WaterLess campaign, Nudie is trying to cut down on cotton waste that comes along with the jeans manufacturing process. Many of their jeans have been produced using a small portion of … Continue Reading

The Swedish Army Belt

These all-around terrific deadstock belts, long ago standard issue for soldiers in the Swedish army, are not easy to find. But lucky for us the team at Inventory searched high and low and ultimately secured a small collection of the vintage – real vintage! – Swedish Army belts. The first round of belts sold out … Continue Reading

The Pique Polo By Criquet

Austin-based Criquet delivers us the ‘Perfect’ Pique polo, cut from 100% certified organic pique cotton that’s not too heavy, not too thin…just right. At $55, the polo is part of Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown’s vintage-inspired collection of fine-looking polo shirts; good for the golf course, good for the bar after the golf course. The … Continue Reading

Oliver Peoples Introduces A Gregory Peck Frame

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer-Prize winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird and the Academy Award-winning performance by the legendary Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, Oliver Peoples has debuted a very classic, very cool Gregory Peck frame. The retro-inspired design includes an exaggerated keyhole bridge and genuine horizontal plaques on the … Continue Reading

The Epaulet Red Floral Shirt

I admit I’m not always down with the floral print apparel. But that doesn’t mean my wardrobe can’t make room for one as sweet as the floral print design coming from Epaulet. The standard slim-fit shirt, made up in a nice printed UK cloth, shows off a likable tight pattern of floral, making it a … Continue Reading

Lands’ End Introduces New Polo Shirt, Survey Of Polo Shirt Lovers

Do you worship at the altar of the Polo Shirt? Is the ubiquitous Polo Shirt ruler of your closet? If this answer is ‘yes’ to these questions then you might be interested in a recent Lands’ End survey of avid golfers from the Golf Digest database; over 80 percent of respondents said the polo shirt … Continue Reading

Stas Svetlichnyy by Oka-Z for Seven Homme

Are you feeling the heat yet? Miami is in the mid-80s already, and I’m scooping up advice on dressing for hot weather wherever and whenever I can get it. This Seven Homme spread with model Stas Svetlichnyy, styled by Oka-Z, provides enough inspiration to keep you dipping back into your closet for new combinations, even … Continue Reading