Stas Svetlichnyy by Oka-Z for Seven Homme

Are you feeling the heat yet? Miami is in the mid-80s already, and I’m scooping up advice on dressing for hot weather wherever and whenever I can get it. This Seven Homme spread with model Stas Svetlichnyy, styled by Oka-Z, provides enough inspiration to keep you dipping back into your closet for new combinations, even … Continue Reading

The Pocket Square Is Apparently A Must Have This Season

Do you own a pocket square? If not, now might be a good time to find one because none other than Neiman Marcus men’s fashion director Nick Wooster (above) says ‘You Must Have a Pocket Square This Season.’ The straightforward headline is from Christianna Ablahad’s interview with the stylish Wooster for She caught up with … Continue Reading

Navy Wool Cardigan From Aubin And Wills

Becasue even though it’s springtime (and soon enough summertime), the temperature is known to take a dip when the sun goes down. And this lovely wool cardigan from Aubin & Wills is just the right knitwear for keeping warm and looking cool. The ‘bulky,’ navy wool cardigan features three front pockets, a ribbed shawl collar, … Continue Reading

GQ Style White Riot Gang

Scarves! We all need ‘em, and this White Riot Gang editorial in GQ Style Italia has enough panache to leave us wanting a few more for flourishing purposes. Of course, the sense of movement in the spread, shot by Kai Z.Feng, is helped along by jumping, plus wind machines lifting light scarves for extra movement. … Continue Reading

Silent by Damir Doma Sailor Bag

Oak’s restocking! If you were looking for something on Oak and it wasn’t available, this could be your chance. Unfortunately, stores of some of their newly-stocked pieces have already been exhausted. Silent by Damir Doma was brought back to the accessories section on the site. If you’re not opposed to leather, then stick to it … Continue Reading

Uniform Experiment x Leica D-Lux 5

I was more excited about Leica and uniform experiment’s collaboration because of the great brown leather pouch than I was about the camera, but that’s just me. The whole package is exciting, scheduled for release on May 11th, and looks great. That grained leather pouch has a traditional Leica logo scrawled across the front. Clipped … Continue Reading

Save Your Bag, Save Your Money

  People are already shopping for the holidays — are you? This time, we’re looking at opportunities to save ourselves some money so we can actually buy people gifts this time around (insert requisite economy-related grumbling here). Instead of tossing bags that look worse-for-wear, we should be making an effort to keep them somewhat fresh … Continue Reading

Columbiaknit Scarf

Columbiaknit’s been producing their knits since the 1920s, which means they have quality and consumer trust down pat. As someone who’ll scream if she sees another “luxury yet made in China” accessory, I’m enjoying the change of pace. This time, Columbiaknit joined forces with Jordan Saylor of Winn Perry in Portland. Slinging this around your … Continue Reading

Bermuda Shorts By Hartford

  We salute the simple awesomeness of the Bermuda Short, in particular this nice pair from Paris-based designer Hartford. Available in brown or light blue, this particular classic lightweight cotton Bermuda short features five external pockets and a buttoned internal pocket, a button closure, zip fly and belt hooks. Priced at $165, these shorts require … Continue Reading

Acronym iPad Bag

  Acronym’s iPad Bag costs basically as much as an iPad, and when I first saw it, I thought that maybe you got the iPad, and the bag came for free. Wrong, but that could be a cool partnership. The Acronoym Circdiscover iPad Bag has a swivel design that’s so ingenious. You’ll want this if … Continue Reading