Five Perfect Work from Home Outfits for a Stylish, Comfortable Look

Working from home became a reality for thousands of people at the beginning of this year during various lockdowns implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus. They joined a group of others who have been doing it for years. What all of them can agree on is that staying in your pajamas while you … Continue Reading

Finding Clothes and Jewelry Brands That Help People

Towards the end of 2016, ethical fashion and the movement around sustainability started to take root all around the world. Words such as ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ that started as buzzwords have since taken root in the fashion world. The fashion industry has had quite an impact on the environment over the last decade or so. … Continue Reading

Choosing an Engagement Ring to Match Your Personalities

Getting engaged or married is right up there in the top three challenges in life that are life-changing. Because this is such a significant life event, you want to make sure that all the bells and whistles are taken care of.  Your wedding planning and arrangements can take a lot of time, but this is … Continue Reading

How to Start a Clothing Manufacturing Business

If you want to start a clothing manufacturing business, it can be extremely challenging. From deciding on your niche to taking your product to market, you’re likely to encounter difficulties and you will need the persistence to follow through.  You need to understand the time and financial commitment required to achieve success. Here are some … Continue Reading

8 Ways to Survive the Cold, Harsh Winter

Seasons are changing and winter isn’t far off. While exact weather patterns can be difficult to predict, being prepared for extreme cold and precipitation is always better than being caught off guard. Here are eight things that you can do to cope with the most extreme cold during this winter season. 1. Invest in a … Continue Reading

How to Start Your Own Clothing Business

How to start your own clothing business? Is this the question you’ve been having on your mind lately? You are probably aware of the fact that this business can and usually is nerve-wracking and takes out plenty of energy, but after you’ve had your first sample run and customer sale goes up, the feeling is … Continue Reading

What Skills do You Need to Be a Fashion Industry Manager?

The fashion industry continues to grow beyond the expectations of experts. It seems that there is no end to consumers’ hunger for new fashion products and the trends keep changing every year. As a result, it’s no wonder that people are turning to the industry in search of employment.  While a lot of people associate … Continue Reading

Finding New Style Influences Through Travel

Our style influences tend to center around our culture and our geographical location. Your style goes far beyond the clothes you like to wear. It is also about how you wear your clothes and how you use your clothes to express your personality and individuality.  Our style influences are driven in no small degree by … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Save Money and Have a Great Wedding

Your wedding represents a beginning of a new chapter in your life. Since this is such a big deal, it’s only right to make the ceremony as great as possible. Once you start planning the wedding, you may find it shocking how expensive it can be. Keep in mind that even a good cake can … Continue Reading

Levi’s WaterLess Made in USA

Levi’s released an update of their WaterLess selvedge jeans, made in the USA, in 501, 505, and 511s. While Levi’s jeans might not be go-to for you, they are worth reconsidering to give the planet some help without making a huge effort. If you’re going to buy jeans anyway, have one pair be from Levi’s … Continue Reading