As a Balenciaga fan, I’m always rubbing my hands together, looking forward to bits and pieces as they become available. While plain tees and jackets are easy to get for less, trying just a single high-quality piece could sway you. Take the new Balenciaga shipment at LN-CC, for example, which includes short and long-sleeved shirts, tees, and jeans to round out a sparse summer wardrobe. A plain white button-up (with short sleeves) looks crisp and inspiring, and there’s another one for cool nights with long sleeves and a dark collar/cuffs combo. It could be interesting in a layered scenario.

The t-shirts from Balenciaga are a little juvenile, and they wouldn’t be my first choice, but I can understand the summertime appeal. On a man with a similar physique, the shirt would look excellent with trunks and loafers, plus a squared-off shade. I wouldn’t might seeing it with a Western belt and denim at home, but the proportions need to be just right. As for that coat? Well, I wouldn’t bother, because you’d get better results from a similar-looking one from a performance-based label. If you’re planning on braving the rain and whipping wind, do it right. Visit Slamxhype for the buying link. [via slamxhype]


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