Adidas Originals’ Kuzuki Kuraishi ZX Moc aren’t the most beautiful shoes I’ve seen, but I feel like I’ve gotten a peek in the middle of a design process or at an unfinished prototype, and that excites me. Japanese designer Kuraishi dug deep to come up with a hybrid design that goes from white in the back to a lower, more modern moccasin sneaker displaying quilted areas. A ZX sneaker sole finishes off the sole of these shoes, with self-stitching adding dimension to the uppers without distracting.

Are they attractive or even cool? I feel like I’m looking at something Photoshopped together, but they are getting my creative juices flowing. I like that. Wouldn’t you like to see this concept explored further and worked through with something like a suede shoe or a motorcycle boot? These shoes are soon going to be released by Adidas ObyO stockists, and it’ll be fun to see future reviews by actual wearers. [via hypebeast]

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