Your wedding represents a beginning of a new chapter in your life. Since this is such a big deal, it’s only right to make the ceremony as great as possible. Once you start planning the wedding, you may find it shocking how expensive it can be. Keep in mind that even a good cake can be very pricey. If you want to have a great ceremony your family and friends can enjoy, you can do it without breaking the bank. Here are some of the changes you can make to save money on your wedding.

Create a Budget

Before you start deciding how your wedding is going to look, it’s important you discuss your budget with your fiancé. Ask your respective parents whether they could help out and determine how much money you’ll have to spend for the wedding. It’s important you do research on the different wedding expenses as soon as possible. Keep in mind that creating a budget needs to be your first step when it comes to planning your wedding.

Do It Your Way

When you try to imagine a wedding the first thing that crosses your mind is likely a big wedding part with a sit-down dinner and a beautiful venue. However, you shouldn’t let these traditional images in your head have an impact on your wedding. Remember that this is your day, which means you get to decide how it will look. Don’t be afraid to make a few changes to the traditional wedding.

For instance, instead of having the ceremony on a Saturday (which is when the majority of couples get married), you should consider tying the knot on a weekday or Sunday. You can save a lot of money on caterers, florists, bands, DJs, and venues if you get hitched on a day that isn’t Saturday. Similarly, you should consider getting married during the winter, where there are significantly fewer ceremonies.

Use a Fake Wedding Cake

A wedding cake will probably cost you at least $500, which can be an unnecessary expense. The reason why these cakes are so expensive is because a lot of time goes into decoration. Another factor that has an impact on the price is the number of tiers it has. You can save a few hundred dollars simply by serving your guests sheet cake and placing a fake wedding cake on the dessert table. Since the whole point of the wedding cake is to look as marvelous as possible, a fake one can serve as a decoration throughout the whole ceremony. It’s also a good idea to consider serving a nontraditional wedding dessert like ice cream or pie.

Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

A wedding gown is not cheap, especially considering you’re only going to wear it once. With that being said, you should try to save money on it by either buying a pre-owned dress or buying a sample gown from a bridal store. Doing this will help you save at least several hundred dollars. Of course, you should always make sure the dress is in excellent condition before buying it. Your wedding outfit consists of shoes and accessories as well. It’s a good idea to borrow accessories from a friend or family member. In order to save money on your wedding shoes, you should consider shopping online.

There’s a good chance your local bridal stores have very expensive products. Online shopping is a great option for saving money because it allows you to compare prices. On top of that, it provides you with a wider selection of bridal shoes.

Make a Buffet-Style Wedding

One of the best ways to reduce your catering costs is to opt for a buffet-style wedding. Instead of hiring multiple people to serve your guests, everyone would be able to help themselves to food. By doing a buffet-style wedding, you will be able to save at least a thousand dollars.